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Does your irrigation water supply look like this?

Or This:

And You Need To Do This:


We can help.
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Landscape Irrigation Products for Homeowners and Associations, Golf Courses, Agriculture, Mining, Oil,
Gas,and many other Industries.  

FloWater Irrigation Products have been tested in one of the toughest environments in the USA......

........... If you pump water directly from a pond, river, canal, or storage tank, then
take a closer look at what we have to offer!

Our strainers were developed by a landscape management company in the valleys of
Western Colorado. This is an arid area, where vineyards and fruit orchards flourish due to
the available irrigation water of the upper Colorado River basin. Spring snow-melt
feeds the canal systems which provide life-giving water for both agriculture and the landscaping of homes, businesses, parks, and golf-courses. This is 'raw' untreated water which carries with
 it an unusual amount of debris and sediment, which can wreak havoc on the pumps and irrigation systems used to deliver the water.

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